Charles Paprocki (unavailable)

Charles Paprocki is the co-author of a five volume history of western civilization called The Untold Story of Western Civilization. The history is part of a trilogy called History, Ideology and Revolution. He has been a political and community activist his entire life. During this time he has spent many years working with troubled teenagers, prison inmates, welfare recipients, and migrant workers in the human services system. He also owned a graphics and advertising agency in New York City where he combined his skill and knowledge to create social marketing campaigns. He was one of the core leaders to create the Universal PreK program in New York State and the local food movement in Illinois. His last work was to manage an organic farm in southern Illinois. He has consulted with international NGOs on management strategies and participated in the Earth Summit in Brazil and the Social Summit in Denmark. He is now retired and living in Carbondale, Illinois. He is a volunteer with the Carbondale Spring Food Autonomy project.