About Neohumanist College


We are all residents of one tiny blue planet in the great cosmos. All our lives and futures are intertwined with those of others and those of future generations. We envision a Neohumanist future where we have all learned to live on this planet in peace and harmony, collectively taking care of the earth and all its inhabitants with an expanded embrace of our hearts and minds.


The foundation for Neohumanist College is neohumanism, an ethical system that supports a personal and social balance and serves the welfare of all.

"When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, love for all created beings of this universe." – P. R. Sarkar

Neohumanism is a relational and spiritual philosophy that takes the insight of humanism, that human beings are of value and worthy of a full and meaningful life, and extends it to all of the Cosmos. This consciousness that we are all connected is something that lies deep within us all yet we have lost sight of it as our societies have sped towards a materialistic and competitive vision of the good life. Yet what is the good life if it comes at the expense of others? What is it if other living beings suffer or go extinct so that we can prosper? What is the good life if it costs the beauty and balance of our beautiful planet?

Neohumanism addresses these questions by suggesting that win-win solutions to our human and planetary problems lie in the realignment of meaning and purpose in our lives. It recognizes that such a realignment must be both spiritual and practical in nature. Neohumanism is an invitation to rethink, reimagine and re-enchant our lives and our world. At the heart of this work lies the recognition that our personal future is linked to the futures of all, that our spiritual development is tied to the well-being of our planetary community. Neohumanist education therefore links personal development to approaches to others based on respect, benevolence, and service. Linking the joys of personal growth to the broader issues of planetary renewal brings a new sense of wonder, excitement and purpose to our studies.


Neohumanist College will provide a hybrid online environment for sharing knowledge that cultivates this neohumanist vision and fosters work towards creating sustainable futures for all. Taking a planetary perspective, this format will offer the practical expertise of neohumanist professionals across an array of fields to students in all corners of the globe for their personal self-development and for transformation of the planet as a whole.

Adult Classroom