“How can I better know myself? What should I do with my life? How can I best offer my gifts to others? What is the most important thing to achieve in life?”

In this rapidly changing world, where is the pole star that will guide us? That pole star is none other than our own developed intuition that guides us toward self knowledge, clarity, and unity on all levels. To achieve this developed intuition and unity, we are greatly aided by an educational institution that supports an inner and outer ecology and addresses our passions directly.   Neohumanist College (NHC) is such an educational institution.

Neohumanist College (NHC) starts with a love of all of creation, animate and inanimate, and provides educational resources to illuminate our inner and outer environments, so that we can more easily achieve self realization and coordinated cooperation in facing our global challenges.

The foundation for Neohumanist College is neohumanism, an ethical system that supports a personal and social balance and serves the welfare of all. This neo-ethics is based on a rational and open-hearted “awakened conscience”.  The integration of rationality and heart-felt discrimination chooses what serves the general welfare based on time, place and person, thereby avoiding dogma.

Every facet of the holistic curriculum of NHC will be focused on awakening our human conscience and the multi-level development of our physical, mental, emotional, social, economic, environmental and spiritual potentialities.

We invite you to join us on the NHC journey of bringing light to the world, of discovering how we can develop as individuals and collectively move together to develop the global society that humanity has longed for and is capable of achieving.

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