Justin Hewitson

Justin M. Hewitson is an Associate Professor in the Education Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan and a long-term practitioner of Tantra and Tai Chi Chuan. He teaches comparative literature and philosophy that follows his interest in Indo-Sino-Western thought. Published works include essays covering Husserl’s Phenomenology and P.R. Sarkar’s Tantra (Comparative and Continental Philosophy), American Transcendentalism and Romanticism (Wenshan Review), Indian spirituality and mediating suffering in Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost (Comparative Literature and Culture). He has two forthcoming book chapters: one deals with the history of Śiva Tantra, the other deconstructs happiness in the Peterson-Žižek debate vis-à-vis Christianity and Tantra. A journal article analyzing the origins of Idealism that integrates P.R. Sarkar’s Tantric ontology with a new translation of the Ṛg Veda’s “Creation Hymn” is currently under review. Justin is presently working on several other essays related to Sarkar: “Sarkar and Sartre: An Ethics of Nothingness”; “Subjectivity in Translating the Ṛg Veda”; “The Objects and Objective of Meditation: Buddhism versus Tantra,” and “Lao Zi was a Tantric: Tantra in Daoism.” He remains convinced that someday he will write less and meditate more.