Nourishing the Land, Touching the Heart and Raising the Spirit with the Supra Aesthetic Science of Kiirtan

Kiirtan is a genre of music, dance and instrumental music that encourages universal love of all of creation and transformation of self and society. Even though widely practiced, many are unfamiliar with kiirtan and it’s benefits as a transcendental form of artistic expression. This presentation aspires towards introducing Kiirtan as an inspirational spiritual practice.

After years of research, observation, experience and intuition gained through daily kiirtan practice I shall offer a fresh perspective on what the subtler practices and expressions of kiirtan are, to bring greater motivation and joy into our lives. As part of our vision of bringing together our global community we can develop kiirtan as a spiritual tool and music genre for ourselves and future generations.


Jyoshna La Trobe

Jyoshna La Trobe completed her MA at the University of Auckland in 1997, after which she taught at the School of Visual Arts at Manukau, Auckland University. She completed her PhD in Music from SOAS, London University this year, and is the first in the world to document the Rarhi kirtan music tradition. The Rarhi Bangla Kirtan Collection is now deposited in the British Library World Music Sound Archives for future generations. She is also a prolific composer of kiirtans and has produced many albums of original and ethnographic material.