New Ideas in Global Governance and Leadership

Today, we lack the governing structures and leaders required to solve the urgent problems confronting humanity and the planet. International agencies are manipulated by national interests and fail to represent the needs of large sections of the world’s population. The quality of leadership continues to decline, facilitating the spread of corruption, neglect, and social fragmentation. Without accountable and ethical governance systems, and competent, moral leaders, the chances that we will be able to overcome these challenges are slim.

This session will propose new systems of global governance and leadership that are critical for society’s survival and advancement. It will present ideas about how a fully-functioning world government would operate and how a world constitution could be framed for a 21st century world. Changes in our perception and development of leaders will be discussed as well as the need for new “meta-leaders” to oversee the progress of society. The latest leadership development methods will be showcased as part of an effort to formulate training protocols for these new leadership models.


Satya Tanner

Satya Tanner had a 16-year career as a pilot and aerospace engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force, leading people and managing projects. In recent years she has been working for the energy sector in Denmark, primarily Offshore Wind. Satya has worked extensively with setting up learning organisation principles in teams and has a passion for neohumanist leadership development. Satya has a Master of Leadership, Master of Training and Development, Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, and is a registered Project Management Professional.

Howard Nemon

Howard Nemon holds a PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked on country-wide indicators for social progress. His research and academic teaching focus on social policy,community organization, and international sustainable development. For several years, he has worked with the PU Global Office on publications, training, and website development. He has also helped organize Prout work both nationally and locally in the USA. Howard is currently the Executive Director of the Prama Institute which is a Center for Neohumanist Studies under Gurukula.

Craig Runde

Craig E. Runde is the former Director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics and Mediation Training Institute at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the co-author of several books on workplace conflict management including Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, Building Conflict Competent Teams, and Developing Your Conflict Competence and the online course, Improving Your Conflict Competence, from LinkedIn Learning.

Craig received his B.A. from Harvard University, an M.L.L. from the University of Denver, and a J.D. from Duke University. He has practiced law in Colorado and has taught at the University of Minnesota Law School and Wake Forest University. He has been studying and writing about Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s concept of world government since 1990. He is currently drafting a world constitution based on Shrii Sarkar’s works.