Building a Future Based on Justice and Equality

In this interactive workshop facilitated by Nada Khader, we will hear from a diverse group of voices that will weave together a conversation on how we can move towards a more just society based on Neohumanist principles and universal values. Together we will explore issues of power and accessibility as they relate to racial justice, gender justice and disability justice while using art as an important tool to move us towards the future we want. Join us as we learn skills for systemic change and discuss the internal work that is needed in our development as anti-racist change makers.

Alberta Pedroja – Skills for Systemic Change
Lila Hass – Gender Justice and Women’s Leadership
Briana Gilmore – Disability Justice and Trauma Informed Community Building
Jonathan McCullum and Ricky Peterson – Using Art for Progressive Social Change


Nada Khader

Nada Khader has served as the Executive Director of WESPAC Foundation for the past 19 years. WESPAC was recently recognized by the City of White Plains as a leading force in Westchester County for peace and justice work for over four decades. Nada has been a student of Prout, the Progressive Utilization Theory, for almost thirty years. Prout is a vision of a just and peaceful world with an economy that works for all people and is based on local self-reliance, cooperation, guaranteeing all people the minimum necessities of life and ending poverty.

Alberta Pedroja

Alberta Pedroja is an activist working for social justice. After a career in healthcare systems design and performance improvement, Alberta now applies her knowledge of systems and change management to her passion for social justice.

Lila Hass

Liila Hass is a systems change and gender equity advocate, the founder of the non-profit Future Tasmania, which supports socio-economic paradigm shift and sustainable bio-regional development, a climate change presenter with the Hon. Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Leadership Corps and is the recipient of the Sensis award for Australians creating a better future. She works professionally as a naturopath (

Briana Gilmore

Briana Gilmore advocates for disability and housing justice within healthcare and policy systems. She currently works as a restorative justice facilitator and a biotechnology accessibility consultant. She has been practicing meditation and studying neohumanism and PROUT philosophy since 2009.

Ricky Peterson

Ricky Peterson is a musical artist and yogi with an MBA. Currently he is working as a Program Manager for a US-based wireless telecommunications company.