Neohumanist Education Association of Romania

NHEA Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Contact: Didi A. Devapriya
+40 744565252
Neohumanist Education

The Neohumanist Education Association has been active in creating projects that facilitate exchange of ideas with other leaders in early childhood education on topics that resonate with Neohumanist principles – such as permaculture, peace education and moral development of children. NEA is also representing Neohumanist education principles and practices in international conferences and organisations that advocate for early childhood education.

NEA was originally founded in order to have a platform in Romania for submitting NHE as a nationally recognized alternative. In the meantime, it has evolved into an organisation providing training, and exchange experiences for teachers. Our products include Children in Permaculture materials, Peace in Action for Early Years, and Every Child has an Inner Compass.

We look forward to connecting with others that would like to develop more materials together in the themes we are experienced in.