Narayan Seva Children’s Home

Narayan Seva
Bali, Indonesia
Neohumanist Education

The main purpose of our project is to communicate the importance of spirituality and morality as the basis of human life. We believe the goal of life is self-realization, which can only be achieved through spiritual practices. However, without a healthy society based on universal love and morality, we cannot practice spirituality properly. That’s why we feel that spirituality is essential. Narayan Seva believes in a responsibility to the entire living world and universal love. With benevolent aims, neohumanist education inspires proper respect and use of natural resources. In this way the children learn how to extend their love and care towards all the creatures living on this world. By our teaching and lifestyle, children become healthier, gain strength in character and acquire academic skills and knowledge. Due to a proper respect and use of natural resources, Narayan Seva provides their own drinking water, solar energy, biogas, and organic vegetables. But they still have to buy supplements from the local market. All food provided is lacto-vegetarian food – free from onions, garlic, eggs and mushrooms.

If it is possible, we would like to get more support in sponsorships of the children. We need also support to renovate a part of building and have a clinic.

History – Narayan Seva was founded in June 2004 out of necessity in the local region. There are so many children who were in need of education but due to poverty the parents were unable to provide them  with education. In the beginning we started to have a school for these kids, but later we found many other hopeless cases with orphan children, single parents, broken families, and many others. We think we urgently need a shelter and then a school.

We have started it with the following intentions:

  • guidance on living according to moral principles
  • self-conditioned drinking-water and solar energy
  • principle skills so the children learn to live independently
  • collaboration with marginalized families to enhance childcare
  • education opportunities for children from poor families
  • a loving home and protection
  • individual education opportunities
  • holistic education
  • yoga and meditation
  • vegan/vegetarian food
  • medical care

Highlights – The contribution of people around the world have helped to provide cash to develop our place. A lot of service and sacrifice in teaching and others facilitate various activities with our children.
Since 2004 until 2020 we have 25 children graduated from university and more than 200 children receive benefits from our project. The children’s families have a better life condition. In 2010 we won the yoga competition among 17 groups from all over Indonesia. Four children have gone for spiritual lifestyle training in Vietnam and now they are helping our project. Five children have a spiritual life style training online this year. Last year (2019) two boys went to the international Buddhist monastery in Thailand to learn their lifestyle.

In 2015 Two boys went to Germany for their school internship .
in 2016 One girl from our home was one of the top 10 students of the university, had been sent by the university to Thailand – Prince Songkla University (the largest university in Thailand) for teaching experience.
In 2019 One of our boys went to Kuala Lumpur for collage training .

Products – We have grown our own organic vegetable with Hydropronics. Having hygiene water for our project and for selling to make our project sustainable.