Rutger Tamminga

For the past twenty five years Rutger Tamminga has been active in Neohumanist education projects throughout South-East Asia, promoting meditation in schools, kids yoga and storytelling. From 1995- 2014 he was the educational director of the Manhattan International English School, a kindergarten and after school care program in Daya Taichung, Taiwan.
Mr. Tamminga is a popular lecturer for a wide variety of organizations and government bodies on topics such as story telling, children’s yoga, special yoga and neohumanist education. He travels regularly to China and Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines for teacher training and parent-children workshops.
Every year he conducts several Kids Yoga Teacher Training programs for those interested in Children’s Yoga. This is a three level course attended by over 1000 people. Additionally has given hundreds of hours of workshops for teachers on Storytelling throughout Taiwan and China. He is currently promoting The Blissful Child Project – training of mothers to tell stories and promoting the practice Quiet Time Exercises in schools.
In 2016 he started the Amazing Kids project to promote understanding of issues related to peace for adolescents . In 2018 he started a Gurukul Mountain Retreat Center in Shimen District, near Taipei where he is responsible for developing a Gurukul Teacher Training Center.
Since 2000 he has been publishing many books for teachers and children. Included in this list are: ‘Yoga Stories’; ‘Stories for Language Learning’; ‘Animal Songs’; A series of story books (The Walking Fish, Mama, I don’t want to sleep, Why the sun is yellow); ‘Start the Day with Love’; ‘Pst, it’s Quiet Time’; An early education curriculum in English (3 levels – 24 books); ‘Little Star Yoga Workbook’ ; ‘Yoga Touch’- for the Chinese Handicapped People Yoga; Storybugs – an English curriculum program for young learners based on Neohumanist concepts; KIDS’ World (eight books) – an English curriculum for young learners in cooperation with East West Publishers based on Neohumanist concepts; Baby’s World – a play and movement program for toddlers (1-3) consisting of four books.