Peachie D. Valera

Peachie D. Valera is a Futures Learning Advisor with the Center for Engaged Foresight and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. As a Filipina Futurist she has represented the Philippines in Hawaii as a dialogue partner in an East-West Center “Symposium on Humane Artificial Intelligence,” and in Belgium, as a participant and contributor for the “Design. Develop. Transform” project of Erasmushogeschool Brussels.  Ms. Valera is also known as Peachie Keen! & Green, a label that she uses for her environmental and social activism and conservation work which includes article writing for the Business Mirror; serving as a public/resource speaker and moderator for different engagements; and handling contractual work for various governmental, environmental and conservation organizations. She has been presenting the Climate Change, Veganism, Plastic Pollution, and Zero Waste stories since 2014. Ms. Valera educates and gives her insights via interviews, not only to local media, but to some international groups such as Global Citizen Org, Bonheur Ecologique Tour, Inc. Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific Forum in NY, Club of Amsterdam, etc.