Kalyanii KL Chew

Kalyanii KL Chew was born and grew up in Singapore. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Economics at Yale University, USA she moved to Malaysia. A journalist by profession, Kalyanii volunteered with emotional support group Befrienders KL for a few years, one of the most valuable learning experiences of her life. In early 2005, Kalyanii joined the AMURT Indonesia team in Aceh, Indonesia, after the Asian Tsunami. Since then, she has been involved in AMURT-AMURTEL work in Malaysia, in disaster relief interventions in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis (2008) and in Padang, Indonesia (2009). Since 2010, she has played a project management role in AMURT Indonesia’s Early Childhood Teacher Training projects in West Sumatra and Central Java. Kalyanii is motivated by a never-ending endeavor to integrate the spirit of neohumanism with Proutist guidelines in projects bringing benefit those in need.