Divyendu Anand

Growing up with the dreamy thoughts of altruism, idealism and beauty, Divyendu joined The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, Delhi) after high school.

He landed with a good product design job with Michael Aram, an award-winning, internationally- renowned American artist who dedicated his career to craft-based design.

After having a long and successful stint (20 years) with Michael Aram, Divyendu relinquished his comfortable and well paying job to set on an extraordinary journey. With the support of his wife and family, in the year 2017, he founded Studio Renaissance, a non-for-profit initiative to restore art as a tool for public welfare.

With the mission to make the inner and outer worlds beautiful, Studio Renaissance has been making attempts to support and guide artists towards sublime expression and promote the idea of oneness.

In this process, Divyendu himself underwent transformation and evolved into a successful visual artist in the public domain. His sublime artworks are not only in-sync with the neo-humanistic ideals but also fund Studio Renaissance projects.