Ashish Ranjan

I completed my formal education in 2014 (PGDM (2012-14), IIM Ahmedabad and Mechanical Engineering, NIT Surathkal (2008-12)). Post my post-graduation, I have been working on multiple projects and initiatives to understand the educational landscape of our country. In 2014, I co-founded RTE Resource Centre with Prof. Ankur Sarin at IIM Ahmadabad. Together, we worked on RTE reforms and educational policy research. At RTE Resource Center, we tried to understand the implementation of the Right to Education Act by actively participating in the implementation process. I have also worked on projects to understand the access of public provisions like water to the marginalized section of the society. I love teaching and creating equitable learning spaces. For the last two years, I have been teaching at a management school as an Assistant Professor trying to figure out how learning happens.