Aditya Mohanty

Dr. Aditya Kumar Mohanty, currentlty, Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Central University Tripura, was formerly Professor and head , Centre of Advanced Study in Philosophy, Utkal University. He graduated from B.J.B. College, Bhubaneswar, and was topper in the university in Philosophy Honours in the year 1974. He had his post graduation in philosophy from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and received the University Gold medal in 1976 for occupying the first position in M.A. Philosophy. He has the rare distinction of graduating simultaneously in Philosophy honours and English honours. He had his M.Phil and Ph.D from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong and completed his Ph.D in record time of four months. Dr. Mohanty obtained his D.Litt degree from Utkal University in the year 2006. He has to his credit eleven books and a number of research publications in Indian Philosophy, Ethics, Religion. The published books are (1) Knowable and the Sayable (1986), (2) The Upanishads – Rediscovered (1992), (3) Philosophy of Value (1999), (4) Call of Messiah, (5) Dharma (1998), (6) Concepts and Issues in Indian Philosophy, (7) Karma (2004), (8) Gurutattva, (9) Comparative Religion (2006), (10) Cycle of Creation, and (11) Philosophy: Why, What, How? (12)Yoga- Concept & Practice (13) Bhakti- Concept & Cult. He represented Hinduism from India in the International Seminar on “Inter-Religious Dialogue” at Poland. Besides academic pursuits, he has the consuming passion to serve the poor and the down troden and was a recipient of the Jana Seva Shield in 1983 for extensive relief work among the flood stricken people, Excellency Award in 2006 in the field of Social Action, Gold medal for Social Service, Rotary Award for working for the unprivileged, Pratibha Sammana and Indradyumna Award in social work in 2009, Samaj Ratna Award in 2013, Saraswat Sammana- 2013 and R.M.Memorial Service Award in 2014. He is the founder chairman of RAWA Academy which runs a network of children homes across the state of Orissa, devoted to the rehabilitation of deserted, unclaimed, parentless destitute children. Presently, he is a member of Global Advisory Committee of Renaissance Universal and engaged in research and application of Microvita (Anujivat).