OroqCoco – PROUT in Action

Oroquieta, Philippines
+63 948 8188 482
Socio-Economic alternatives

OroqCoco is a PROUTistic cooperative which empowers farmers to create their own premium products from their local coconuts. Through decentralized production and decision making the farmers earn much more from their produce than under the capitalistic system.

OroqCoco is supported by the local government and has attracted the personal interest of the former mayor, a provincial board member and the provincial governor. We hope to leverage the success of OroqCoco to turn Oroquieta City into the first PROUT city in the world.

We’d like to see more people interest in creating model PROUT projects to show the world how PROUT can work in practice.

History – Dada Dharmavedananda got to know some local politicians and ran a PROUT workshop with the entire city administration. They started doing Organic backyard gardens and set up an Organic Food hub. At that point they analyzed the available resources of Oroquieta and found out that Coconuts was the most underutilized resource. With the help of a coconut expert they got funding to build 6 production centers and taught the farmers how to make more than 12 different coconut products.

Highlight – PROUT session with City government, establishment of first 3 production centers, establishment of central processing unit, 10 PROUT circles completed with the farmers, Governor giving his support and creating a law specifically for the benefit of OroqCoco

Products – Balsamic Coco Vinegar, Coco Aminos, Spicy Coco Vinegar, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coco Honey, Coco Liquid Seasoning

How to – Start small – analyze what raw materials you have, what human resources you have and what the market might want. What can you create? Try something simple on a small scale and see if you can make it work. Adjust as needed.