Neohumanist Academy

Neohumanist Academy
Ho, Volta Region, Ghana
+351 966 951 474
Neohumanist Education

Ananda Marga Neohumanist Academy offers Creche care, Nursery & Kindergarten & limited early Primary classes at affordable fees. We aim to help mold the character and values needed for children to embrace and imbibe the vision of neohumanism. To do this we also focus on arts creativity, caring & connection for the environment, nurturing natural curiosity, and applying ethics to everyday life.

The school has had an attendance of up to 180 children and 11 total staff (6 teachers, 1 head teacher/administrator, 1 manager, 1 cook, 1 cleaner, 1 security guard). Due to the school’s good reputation, new classrooms are being built to provide better services and allow for an increase in enrollments. Financial support is needed for this endeavor

History – Three elderly locals, who had all been professional educators, envisioned and contributed to this school. Years earlier land was arranged, an architectural drawing made and building permit obtained. Slowly international donors were found and the foundation was built. In 2013-2014 the building was put up. The finishing and furnished school opened in September, 2016.

Local community members help to support the school and staff, manage all operational affairs. Due to quality construction and furnishing, and an experienced administrator/head teacher, the school has steadily grown, attracting more families since it opened. In November 2018 Nada Rabah from Lebanon imparted one month of NHE and child protection training.