Kailash Ecovillage

Kailash Ecovillage
Portland, Oregon, USA
Contact: Maitri Ersson
+1 971 219-1813

Kailash Ecovillage is an intentional community of 53 people with a focus on sustainable practices, such developing a community, growing our food, harvesting rainwater and solar energy, and extensive recycling which includes human excreta. Affordable housing is made available to low-income folks.

We are prepared to share: How to start a community, how to start/maintain composting (kitchen, yard debris and humanure, how to grow food, how to enhance the health of the soil, etc.

It is hoped that this presentation will inspire others to start similar projects.

What are some of the highlights of the project’s journey?

  1. 60-70% of the community’s food is grown on site.
  2. Rainwater is retained on site through a series of swales.
  3. 198 solar panels have been installed on the roof.
  4. The humanure (compost toilets) project is now legal and permitted.
  5. The community is working hand-in-hand with management in self-governing. 6. Electric vehicle sharing