Matt Oppenheim

Matt Oppenheim, PhD is a Fellow with the Society of Applied Anthropology and applies anthropology to social justice, indigenous education, ecological and transformative learning practices. After teaching anthropology for 23 years, he is doing his best to help reverse the horrible impacts of capitalism and climate change. His book Watershed: Ancient Paths to Planetary Survival and Resilience is completed and now seeking publication. As an activist teacher, he is developing neohumanist and global curriculum alliances that apply the worldview of his book across the planet. He began his research of watershed ecologies in 1991, then helped found a Neohumanist primary school in Australia. After, following a career as a watershed educator he has been a coordinator of service learning and civic engagement. He always finds purpose and renewal living and working with indigenous and marginalized communities, which are truly the vanguards of the future. His work is published in academic journals, book chapters and magazines. In 1991 he published “To Color a Warrior” (edited in 2011) a transformative adventure novel.