Tara and Keya

Poetry and Storytelling, Dance (Indonesia)
Tara from Jakarta, Indonesia, is 7 years old. Tara likes to draw, dance, make handicrafts and learn piano by herself. Tara started learning dance at the age of 3, starting with ballet, where she learned to perform in public. At the age of 5, Tara learned Balinese dance at a dance studio, and other traditional Indonesian dances at school. Currently Tara is studying in Jakarta, grade 2 primary school.
11 Year old Keya performs a traditional dance of Betawi Uakartal called “Nandak Ganjen.”
Tara and Keya from Jakarta, Indonesia, are presenting PUSPANJALI, a Balinese dance. Puspanjali dance was created in 1989 by Mrs. Swasthi Bandem, a great artist in Bali. Puspanjali dance is used as a dance for welcoming guests. Puspanjali comes from the words “puspa” and “anjali”. Puspa means flower, and anjali means respect or greeting. Puspanjali is intended to respect the guests who are likened to flowers.
Keya presents a traditional Balinese storytelling “Calonarang”, “good against evil”