Covid Policy

COVID Policy for Gathering

VACCINATION is not required but is recommended for personal protection.

PRE-GATHERING TESTING: To create a safe covid-free bubble at the Gathering, we recommend that all adults and children over 5 take an Antigen test prior to arrival. If you test positive or if you test negative but you have ANY symptoms, please join us online instead of in-person.

TESTING AT THE GATHERING: If you are feeling sick upon arrival or at any point during the Gathering, please contact one of the retreat organizers immediately. Antigen tests will be available at the retreat and anyone who shows symptoms of any kind will be asked to test immediately. [Antigen tests work reliably only when symptoms are present.]

MASK WEARING is recommended at all times in common indoor spaces for anyone with health risks. No masks are needed outdoors, and there will be outdoor places to eat and get drinking water. Windows will generally be open for indoor programs. [Air circulation decreases the chance of covid spread. Mask wearing reduces the inhalation of covid virus.]