Espaço Mantra Cultural Group – Brinca Mantra

Espaço Mantra Cultural Group – Brinca Mantra
Campinas-SP, Brazil
Contact: Philipe Branquinho
Neohumanist Education

In 2018 the project ‘Brinca Mantra’ begins, offering 5 day activities during the period of school vacations (january and july). As a pedagogial structure, the team reunites in training and study, looking to put to practice neo-humanist activities and principles featuring a compassionate communication, asanas practice, vegetarian food and the search for autonomy of the children.

Children from 4 to 9 years old reunite in a group, to experiment living together in a place where individual potentialities are valued, building a feeling of generosity and inclusivity. The activities have a daily programme, being offered within a fixed schedule, various themed workshops that aim on exploring the sensorial, artistic-intuitional, co-responsibility, problem solving and cooperativity. Families reserve the number of days according to the interest of the families that contribute. The project is a slice of fund-raising actions and pedagogical experimentation on organizing a Neo-Humanist Education School.