Schedule and Session Videos

ConferenceConference Proceedings What is Neohumanism? Schedule and Session Videos Projects Exhibition Arts and Music Exhibition Latest GK Network Newsletter Gurukula Tour Conference Credits Conference Contact The conference has now ended. Videos are linked below. Program sessions were being offered around the world with some topics repeated twice to accommodate wide differences in time zones. Videos of the sessions are now available via the links in the schedule below. The schedule shows the time in GMT and in local date and time, HH:MM. If the time is not correct for you, use the icons below to change your time and then press Submit. Press the Reset button to start again. Reset month, date, time go here Submit Table Placeholder Disclaimer: Presenters may express a wide variety of opinions and views which belong solely to the individual(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NH College or AM Gurukula. The presenters were selected because of their expertise in their respective subject areas to provide you with a diversity of views on a variety of subjects to enhance your conference experience. NH College cannot guarantee the validity of the information represented by any individual or group. Any views or opinions expressed are … Continue reading Schedule and Session Videos