Ram Nath Jha

Professor Ram Nath Jha, School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies,  received his early education up to B.A. (Two Years) at his native place and B.A. Third Year (Bridge Course) and M.A. in Sanskrit form Hansraj College, University of Delhi. After getting selected for JRF/SRF by the UGC he completed his M. Phil. and Ph. D. on Acharya Shankara’s Epistemology under the supervision of Prof. Baldev Raj Sharma from Sanskrit Department, University of Delhi. Currently he is teaching at School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His teaching and research areas include Vedic Studies, Indian culture, Comparative philosophy, Indian Philosophy (Vedanta, Samkhya, Yoga, Navya-nyaya) and Philosophy of Sciences. He has participated in 118 Seminars/Conference/Workshops at National and International level. He has many books and research papers to his credit published by national and international publishers. He visited USA, UK, West Indies, Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand and other countries to participate in conferences and also for other research purposes. He delivered 125 special lectures in reputed institutes within and outside Delhi including sixteen special lectures for Indian Foreign Service (IFS) probationary officers. 70 researchers have already completed their Ph.D. and M. Phil. under his supervision on different aspects of Indian knowledge systems including Indian philosophy, culture and philosophy of sciences. He has worked on three National/International projects on following themes : (1) UGC Sponsored Major Research Project To Prepare a Reader in Indian Philosophy as Principal Investigator (2) UPOE Project of JNU titled Multilingual, Multimedia Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Intellectual Terms of Indian Philosophy as Co-investigator and (3) International Project Towards an Asian/Continental Poetics : A Study in Inter-Cultural Space with Special Reference to the Works of Han Yong-un & Rabindranath Tagore as Co-investigator funded by Academy of Korean Studies, South Korea. Currently he is working as a principal investigator on a project Models of Consciousness in Indian Philosophy and Science funded by JNU under UPE-II Scheme. He is one of the editors of an International Journal Vedic Venues (Annual). He is member in different committees of reputed Institutes and has long association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and NCERT.