Conference Proceedings

The virtual global conference that took place December 11-14, 2020 was a conference of hope and conviction so that we can face the challenges of today and build a loving, caring and nurturing society – where each living being born on the earth can thrive and reach their full potential. The neohumanist vision of humanity strives to broaden the scope of humanity to include loving care for all forms of life on earth so that all creatures can be enabled to collaborate and live in peace with self and each other.

The Schedule

This global conference was designed for participation from all parts of the world. There were continuous programs spanning the globe, with some programs having Eastern and Western components. All programs are now available as videos.

Program Sessions

The Conference featured 30 plus presentations with 70 plus presenters.  The presenters were from all the continents and spanned an array of fields offering neohumanist solutions for a world in crisis.  There were academics, artists and musicians, activists, relief workers, educators, researchers, historians, wellness guides, futurists,and the voices of both wise elders and young visionaries.


Recordings of each of the programs are now available via the program schedule.

Virtual Exhibitions

The virtual exhibitions of projects, arts, and music are an active representation of neohumanism in action. These exhibitions consist of concrete samples of neohumanist initiatives around the globe.

Please enjoy your journey through our exhibitions at your leisure.