Conference Overview

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has accentuated and highlighted what many already know – human society and the planet are mired in deep crisis like never before. The root cause of these problems is systemic, thus a patchwork of responses will not do. The health, economic, ecological and social crises confronting us are inextricably linked to one another.

Consciousness leads to action. In this conference, the search for solutions will be led by the spirit of neohumanism, defined as the spirit of love for all created beings in this universe – humans, animals, and nature, as well as inanimate things. This is the key – only a new paradigm built upon the edifice of universal love can lead the world out of the limitations of the current self-centred and matter-centred dominant capitalist model, and the dogma-centred approach at the heart of various religious and intellectual movements.

Let us explore neohumanist solutions with new pathways developed across the different yet interlinked domains of life on earth: education, healthcare, the socio-political-economic structure, sustainable development, ecology, the arts and the media. This conference is an attempt to fully grasp the interdisciplinary nature of the multiple crises and discover neohumanist solutions.


• To create a space where the causes of key problems of today’s world can be understood from a multidisciplinary perspective;
• To deeply analyze the multidimensional nature of key issues in the areas of education, health, socio-economics, ecology, social justice, leadership and governance, and moral and spiritual development;
• To explore collaborations for forging successful and enduring neohumanist initiatives and ways to upscale them; and to expand faculty of GK and NH Colleges;
• To share results of individual research in any aspect of neohumanist ideology;
• To utilize the power of the arts and music to foster a global renaissance in all strata of individual and collective life.
• To create a virtual exhibition for showcasing exemplary works and initiatives of all neohumanist practitioners.

The Schedule

This global conference is designed for participation from all parts of the world. There will be continuous programs spanning the globe, with some programs having Eastern and Western components.   The plan is to have all programs  accessible via video afterwards.

Program Sessions

The program will span the diverse areas mentioned above and is expected to consist of live individual or group presentations, some panel discussions, and some pre-recorded viewings. Much of the action-oriented content would also be displayed in the virtual exhibition section of this website.  The Conference features 30 plus presentations with 70 plus presenters.  The presenters are from all the continents and span an array of fields offering neohumanist solutions for a world in crisis.  We have academics, artists and musicians, activists, relief workers, educators, researchers, historians, wellness guides, futurists,and the voices of both wise elders and young visionaries.


Recordings of each of the programs will be available so that those on the other side of the world can watch them at their convenience.

Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition is an active representation of neohumanism in action. This exhibition consists of concrete samples of Neohumanist initiatives around the globe. These programs may be slideshows, displays, videos, demonstrations, audios, or tours.

Please enjoy your journey through our Exhibitions at your leisure.


Those interested in participating as a presenter in the conference are requested to kindly send an email to the conference organizers (, including a small paragraph with the title, description, and format of your presentation (virtual exhibit, talk, panel, artistic piece, etc.).