Conference Invitation

Global Online Conference - December 11-14, 2020

The world is faced today with multiple crises leading to widespread economic strain and psychological stress. The pandemic has created havoc; the health of the people is at risk; communities face disasters more frequently as climate change poses new threats; xenophobia spreads; gender and racial inequality still pervades; trust in information and science declines; authoritarianism is on the rise; wealth disparities see no sign of ebbing; materialism dominates; moral and cultural degeneration is a serious concern; fear and insecurity abound. The list is endless.

The virtual global conference scheduled for December 11-14, 2020 is a conference of hope and conviction so that we can face the challenges and build a loving, caring and nurturing society – where each living being born on the earth can thrive and reach their full potential. The neohumanist vision of humanity strives to broaden the scope of humanity to include loving care for all forms of life on earth. How can all creatures be enabled to collaborate and live in peace with self and each other?


We are pleased to invite you to attend our virtual conference in which principled, service-oriented thought leaders and like-minded practitioners from all disciplines will seek a deeper understanding of the issues facing today’s world and deliberate on neohumanist solutions for creating a better world. We hope to identify common patterns in today’s problems that we as humanity face. We encourage thinking beyond the silos of academic discipline or practice, and the exploration of linkages between seemingly distinct problems to inspire innovative solutions. We hope the conference will strengthen the connection between neohumanist theory and practice, mobilize broader, more diverse participation, and build bridges and collaboration between disciplines, projects, and individuals. Thematically, the conference will span diverse areas such as:

  • Neohumanist Personal and Social Transformation
  • Socio-economic System Alternatives
  • Climate Changes and Disaster Preparedness
  • Food Security and Agriculture
  • Sustainable Energy and Habitats
  • Social Equality - Gender, Race, etc.
  • Neohumanist Education
  • Microvita Science and its Applications
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Global Governance
  • Arts and Consciousness
  • Leadership Training
  • Yoga and Spirituality


The Conference features 30 plus presentations with 70 plus presenters.  The presenters are from all the continents and  span an array of fields  offering neohumanist solutions for a world in crisis.  We have academics, artists and musicians, activists, relief workers, educators, researchers, historians, wellness guides, futurists and the voices of  both wise elders and young visionaries.

Please refer to the Conference Overview for general information and to the Conference Schedule and Program for details about the presentations and presenters.


A virtual exhibition consisting of samples of neohumanist initiatives aligned with our conference theme will also be made available, even prior to the conference, via the host website.


The Conference is FREE.  Optional donations are welcomed.


For Zoom details, registration will be required.